Pilot Merge and Deliver Service

A Complete Solution for Shipping Cargo from Multiple Locations

How do you cost-effectively coordinate freight from multiple distribution centers or suppliers to create a single, complete order? Simple. Call 1-800-HI-PILOT. Our Merge and Deliver Service manages the assembly of goods from various points of origin that are bound for a single destination. Your freight is shipped to a Pilot facility nearest your consignee, then merged and delivered as a single shipment.

Merge and Deliver Service Features and Benefits

  • Reduce your need for multiple distribution centers to consolidate and stage shipments
  • Manage multiple inbound shipments and inventory control that results in one, coordinated and confirmed delivery to the final destination
  • Coordinate multiple inbound carriers, multiple vendor and/or origin shipments into a single consolidated delivery
  • Reduce transportation costs associated with shipping the same materials multiple times
  • Flexibility: Select one of many domestic and international shipping services for each transit leg to suit your desired delivery schedule
  • Communication: Throughout the merge and deliver cycle, Pilot’s project management team coordinates and monitors shipment status. Online tools provide visibility to track multiple inbound shipments/PO’s/products, resulting in better coordination and communication to final destination. Plus, e-mail alerts let you know if any items are unavailable in time for the scheduled shipment delivery date.
  • A National Customer Service Center – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-HI-PILOT
  • CoPilot – our online shipping navigator lets you quote, book, and track shipments; get email alerts; generate reports; and more

Call 1-800-HI-PILOT or consult your local Pilot station to start shipping with Pilot today!