Pilot eWMS

Real-Time Visibility Around the Clock

Pilot’s Logistics Services are backed by a state-of-the art electronic Warehouse Management System (eWMS) that is simple to use and directly interfaces with your own ERP system for easy control over order processing, reporting, stocking and other activities. Transactions are always live, never batched, and can be managed from any computer, anywhere in the world.

eWMS Features and Benefits

  • Internet-based and real-time visibility provides direct control over everything
  • Hand-held Apple devices at the user level ensure the highest accuracy, document your products’ arrival and placement in inventory
  • Interfaces with your own EDI system with customer-driven customizations
  • Tracks the activity of one or multiple facilities, from dock arrival to customer delivery
  • No software to install/maintain and no internal support people required to keep your supply chain moving efficiently

We also know your business needs can change on dime. Pilot is flexible, too. In fact, we have a proven record of quickly reacting to our customers’ changing systemic and reporting needs. Plus, eWMS is up and running immediately at start-up, so you’ll have a 24/7 window to it all from the word “go.”

Pilot Freight Services works for Fortune 10 to 500 firms, mid-size and small businesses, domestically and internationally. We are well prepared to serve your business as its logistics partner!