Pilot Aircraft Charter Service

On-Demand Routing Solutions

No matter the size of your transportation emergency, Pilot's Aircraft Charter service comes to the rescue, anywhere in the world. We provide the fastest routing possible via direct flight, with no cargo transfers. Plus, we have access to a full range of aircraft – from Learjets to Boeing 747s or Antonov aircraft – to meet your specific shipment needs.

Aircraft Charter Service Features and Benefits

  • Special expedited pickup and delivery, from your door to your customer's door
  • Available for shipping domestic or global cargo
  • Pre-alerts let your customer know the shipment is on its way
  • No restrictions on shipment weight and size
  • National Customer Service Center – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-HI-PILOT
  • CoPilot – our online shipping navigator lets you quote, book, and track shipments; get email alerts; generate reports; and more

Typical Cargo Aircraft Specifications

Prop/Turbo-Prop Executive Jet Narrow/Mid-Body Wide-Body
Aircraft Type Cessna Lear/Falcon 20 B-727/B-757 A300/DC-10
B-747/Antonov Series
Weight Capacity Up to 3,000+lbs. 3,000-
5,500 lbs
70,000+ lbs.
450,000 + lbs.
Door Opening
W x H
48" x 48" 36" x 39"
74" x 54"
133" x 86" 130+" x 102+"
L x W x H
134" x 47" x 47" Up to
240" x 60" x 55"
1000" x 125" x 85" 1890" x 191" x 119"
Cubic Feet Inside up to
246+ cu. ft.
180-380+ cu. ft. up to
8,400+ cu. ft.
up to
24,000 cu. ft.
Aircraft Container
Bulk/E/EH/EQ Bulk/E/EH/EQ A-types 88" x 125" A-types 88" x 125"
Range (miles) 340 miles 2,800+ miles 2,400-4,300 miles 4,000-7,600 miles

*Additional aircraft availability is also based on cargo needs.

Call 1-800-HI-PILOT or contact your local Pilot station to arrange a private charter for your urgent shipment.