Pilot Domestic Shipping FAQ

The most commonly asked questions about Pilot domestic shipping are answered below. If you have an additional inquiry not answered here or prefer to speak with a National Customer Service Agent, please call 1-800-HI-PILOT. Our National Customer Service Department is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

How do I track my shipment?

You can enter your 9-digit tracking or PRO# number inside the Quick Track box, which can be found on our homepage or with other Pilot tracking tools. Click “TRACK,” to see the current status of your shipment (three frequently used statuses explained below). When you click on the PRO# link, you will see the transportation details of your shipment.

What does “Recovered at Destination” shipment status mean?

Your shipment has arrived into your local metropolitan area and is in the hands of our local Pilot station.

What does “Destination Alerted” shipment status mean?

Your local Pilot station is aware of your shipment and has received an estimate on when it will arrive at that facility.

What does “Spoke with Cnee” shipment status mean?

Cnee (short for consignee) is a shipping term meaning the person/customer who will receive freight. "Spoke with Cnee" means that a Pilot representative has made contact with the customer (consignee) about their shipment. Additionally, the Pilot representative will document instructions or notes from that conversation into the tracking system so that all parties handling your shipment are kept up to date.

How do I register for a CoPilot account?

CoPilot is Pilot’s online shipping navigator, primarily used by our commercial shippers. NOTE: You do not need a CoPilot account to schedule a home delivery. Please see info below on scheduling home deliveries.

To complete a CoPilot registration, you will need your customer number (assigned Pilot account number). If you cannot locate your customer number, please email copilothelp@pilotdelivers.com or call your local Pilot station. You will also need your customer number to get your master and site numbers.

To begin creating your CoPilot account, click on “Register” above the orange navigator bar on Pilot’s homepage. Enter your email address, click "Continue," and follow the onscreen help to complete registration.

What are my master and site numbers?

Your master number is the first seven digits of your customer number. Your site number is the last four digits of your customer number.

Who can I contact for CoPilot assistance?

Please call 610-891-8100 to be connected to our CoPilot support team. You can also email your questions to the support team at copilothelp@pilotdelivers.com.

How can I check on a delivery appointment that was previously scheduled?

Enter your 9-digit tracking or PRO number inside the Quick Track box on our homepage. Click “TRACK,” to see the current status of your shipment. When you click on the PRO# link, you will see the transportation details of your shipment, including any customer nominated or Pilot scheduled appointments.

How can I set up an appointment for my home delivery?

On the Pilot homepage, click on the “COMPASS” icon under the Quick Track box. COMPASS is Pilot’s online scheduling database for home deliveries. Enter your Pilot tracking number, and the ZIP code of the address provided to Pilot. If the delivery address is within a local metropolitan area, a calendar will display offering you dates and times available to schedule your home delivery. If you live outside the metropolitan area, you will be provided our toll free number to call for assistance in scheduling your appointment date and time.