Pilot Freight Services Mission Statement

Our Commitment to Excellence: Ownership, Communication, and Responsible Growth

Pilot Freight Services’ mission is to allow our customers to focus on their businesses by making the transportation of their goods easy, fast, and dependable. To do this, Pilot:

  • Promotes ownership. Ownership means that our people take personal responsibility for the performance of the company, and reap personal reward for excellent work. The origin and destination stations are responsible for making sure their shipments are moving correctly. At the same time, every Pilot employee owns every piece of freight in the system. They are always aware of its status, and are all responsible for ensuring that it arrives at its destination on time. Ownership means responding to each customer’s unique needs, and following every shipment every time, to ensure that those needs are met.
  • Promotes communication. Pilot communicates regularly with its customers regarding the services they need, and Pilot’s performance of those services. This communication includes the full and realistic explanation of what Pilot will do to serve the customer, as well as periodic performance reviews, and, where appropriate, notification to the customer of the status of individual shipments. Pilot will never give excuses, and will always serve its customers with the utmost loyalty and honesty. Pilot stations also communicate regularly with each other to avoid problems before they occur, and to solve problems quickly when they do occur.
  • Promotes responsible growth. Pilot will not take freight that it cannot service, and it will make certain that new customers do not interfere with its commitment to existing customers. At the same time, Pilot aggressively pursues new customers, new markets, and new ways of servicing existing markets.

Our Commitment to Employees: Shared Responsibility and Shares Success in a Welcoming Environment

Pilot is also committed to its employees. As an employer, Pilot:

  • Makes certain that its employees work in a clean, safe environment, free of harassment and discrimination.
  • Recognizes that its success depends on the success of its employees. Pilot is therefore eager to reward its employees for excellent work.
  • Fosters an atmosphere of entrepreneurialism and encourages its employees to contribute to the shared success of the company by maximizing their abilities. Pilot does this by encouraging the promotion of successful individuals and through programs that encourage continuing education.